My ideas have been featured on Daily Nous. See my guest post, "The ABCs of Belief".

I was once the special guest "expert" on an episode of the Switched on Pop podcast, where I helped the hosts answer that age-old philosophical question: Can bad people make good music?

Once upon a time I ran a food blog called Until We Eat Again, which chronicled my cooking and eating adventures in Toronto. It's mainly a recipe blog, but I did a fair amount of restaurant reviewing, too. (And if you're located in the Toronto area, you may want to stop by Harvest Noon, the café/co-op I helped found on UofT campus.)

I love books, and you can browse my entire personal library and an assortment of reviews I've written on LibraryThing. All my books are well tagged, so if, for example, you want to see just my philosophy books, just click on the 'Tags' button and then 'Philosophy'.

In addition to being an avid crossword solver, I am also an occasional crossword constructor. Here are a few of my original puzzles: And the Winner Is... | Turn, Turn, Turn | Big Names (And if you're stumped, feel free to email me for solutions!)

And while we're on the topic of puzzles... When I was a linguistics major I helped compose problems for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, an annual contest where high-school students from across the country compete to solve linguistic puzzles. One of my puzzles appeared in the 2008 competition and then made it into print, as part of a collected volume of past puzzles. Now you can try your hand at solving it yourself! The puzzle is based on the unique phonetic rules associated with forming compound nouns in Japanese. No particular background knowledge in either linguistics or Japanese is required. A solution to the puzzle, along with a complete explanation of the associated linguistic phenomenon, can be found here. (The published version of my puzzle can be found in "Puzzles in Logic, Languages and Computation: The Red Book", Dragomir Radev (ed.), Springer: 2013.)

I also like to translate poetry in my spare time. (Updated occasionally.)

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